Phoebe has been caught begging. She claims she was just there to see if she could help with the dishes. However she seems to only want to help her Grandpa do the dishes. Grandpa insists that he has NEVER given Phoebe food from the dishes.  The evidence seems clear but is open to interpretation. What do you think? Are they innocent or guilty?
Hi. Zoey here. I was there too but I heard my human walking towards us and got the heck out of there.  It's hard to distract Phoebe from a chance of getting a crumb of human food,


  1. I love to help mom with the dishes!! She never gives me treat though, hmmm maybe I'm being underpaid.

  2. My Auntie Tina always Uh-ohs and drops tidbits when she is cooking. I never used to beg until I caught on to her "habit."
    I loves me some treats from the kitchen.
    Love Noodles