Take us to the Ballgame!

We had lots of fun at our first baseball game. We were shocked to hear that they don't ususally allow dogs to go to baseball games. It seems to us that baseball was invented for dogs. It's played outside on grass, there's big wooden sticks, balls and lots of running in circles. Really if you think about it dogs would be better at baseball than humans.  We had a good time even if they didn't let us play. Our good friends Puglet, his Dalmatian brother Dutch & another cool Dalmatian, Boka were there too. We got to walk around the field before the game. Phoebe even did a test roll on the grass. Then we got to our seats and relaxed with our human and friends. Zoey got to be on TV with a close of her and #32 Cust T shirt. In the bottom of the eighth inning Phoebe realized that we were watching a baseball game like the ones we watch on TV and started barking at all the players like she does at home.   After a great night at the ballgame with our friends we enjoyed a nap in the car on the ride home. We're thinking of starting a dog baseball league. It's really a waste that no one gets to chew on the bats.Boka and Puglet.
                                                                                                        Go A's!Silly Dutch.


Can you guess what we dressed up as for the costume contest at the Niles Dog Show?
That's right, the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.We didn't place in the contest but we received a special acknowledgement for our costumes. Our human was proud especially since she made them without a pattern; our vests, fez's & our wings (since no one sold small black or fawn colored wings). We must confess there were a couple of days we had feathers glued to our fur - we had to help...feathers are so much fun. A really cool dragon costume placed first. Our human wanted to show you a picture of the really beautiful craftsmanship went into sewing the dragon together but none of the pictures came out. Okay, okay we were a little unsure of the dragon & wouldn't get close to it. He was a big dog & an even bigger dragon.
We were really excited to meet Miley the Dalmatian & her super sweet human. It's so nice when you can meet your computer friends in the fur. We showed our friends Lani, Simon (they're brother & sister pit-mix) & their Mom (one of our most favorite humans) around. They just turned 1so it was their first time at the show.  Later Puglet, Dutch, Frank & their human with the big camera (another favorite human of ours) showed up. Could the day get any better? It can & it did. When we got home, we shared Yoghound peanut butter & banana frozen yogurt. The perfect way to end a hot day of fun with our friends.

"I'm so embarrassed. Can you believe this monkey suit!" - Phoebe

" I wonder if these wings will work. That blue jay won't know what hit it...the SQUIRREL!" -Zoey

The Niles Dog Show !

This Saturday is the Niles Dog Show! One of the best days out of the year. We've been going since we were puppies with all of our shots of course. It's not really a show like you see on TV; it's more like a big party for dogs & their humans. There's a dog water park set up- watch out for diving Labs if your in the pool. The contests are fun to watch, like this funny biker pug that was in the costume contest two years ago. We are still trying to find a helmet like his, so we can start our own biker gang.
We love going to all the booths with cool things for dogs & humans too. The best part is all the booths have treats for us. You can literally eat from one end of the show to the other. It's fun to meet the dogs from all the different rescue groups. There were even some cats there, poor things. Actually they were in the air conditioned Humane Society van so they didn't mind all the dogs.
People bring picnics or you get food there. There's a playground for the human kids, where our human cousin spends most of his day.
We hope to see lots of our friends there & make lots more. If you want to go its from 9 to 3 at Niles Community Park in Fremont, Ca. Here's the web address http://www.niles.org/dogshow.html.

The Good, the Bad & the Pugly

Every family is made up of characters that creates the unique qualities of that family. Often we relate our family to a book, song, TV show or movie, etc...It's no different for pug families or families with pugs. Ours just so happens to be an old western minus Clint Eastwood it was that or a three-ring circus with clown music in the background.

The Good:

Zoey is the "good" girl in the family. She likes to do what she's told & is good about keeping everybody else(mainly Phoebe) out of trouble. She loves to cuddle up next to you with a toy & just relax.

The Bad(not really bad):

Phoebe is our little trouble-maker. If "something" has happened, it's pretty safe to say she may have had a paw in it. Phoebe is the baby & has had no real opportunity to be the "Alpha" even though in her heart she is. This creates her "bad" reputation at the park. She just wants everybody to play the games she chooses. When she doesn't get her way, she's not afraid to vocalize her protests. Phoebe's not bad, just misunderstood.

The Pugly:

Yoda was everything that makes pugs; pugs. He loved to play, eat, sleep & play; in that order. He loved to be around people but kept his pug family close. He, like so many pugs do, had a special way of melting your heart & making you his friend for life. Yoda would go up to a random stranger, as if to say, "you're going to love me." He was both Zoey & Phoebe's favorite. They always wanted to do whatever he was doing; where ever he was doing it. No matter what was going on, what time it was, Yoda was always ready to cuddle & be held. If you babied him even better.

Yoda is no longer with us & all is left are the memories: his favorite toys, things to do & places to go (like Pug Sunday).

We dedicate this blog to Yoda. Zoey, Phoebe & I continue to miss him everyday but the joy & love he gave us, remains in our hearts.