Take us to the Ballgame!

We had lots of fun at our first baseball game. We were shocked to hear that they don't ususally allow dogs to go to baseball games. It seems to us that baseball was invented for dogs. It's played outside on grass, there's big wooden sticks, balls and lots of running in circles. Really if you think about it dogs would be better at baseball than humans.  We had a good time even if they didn't let us play. Our good friends Puglet, his Dalmatian brother Dutch & another cool Dalmatian, Boka were there too. We got to walk around the field before the game. Phoebe even did a test roll on the grass. Then we got to our seats and relaxed with our human and friends. Zoey got to be on TV with a close of her and #32 Cust T shirt. In the bottom of the eighth inning Phoebe realized that we were watching a baseball game like the ones we watch on TV and started barking at all the players like she does at home.   After a great night at the ballgame with our friends we enjoyed a nap in the car on the ride home. We're thinking of starting a dog baseball league. It's really a waste that no one gets to chew on the bats.Boka and Puglet.
                                                                                                        Go A's!Silly Dutch.

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