A lost cause?

  Hi, Zoey here. Phoebe refuses to look at the camera in protest that our human is just not living up to pug standards. This has been a problem for quite some time ever since she went back to school. This summer she decided to "take off" and she promised it would be the summer of pug. So far it's not feeling like the summer of pug. She's home more but all she does is clean and we have even seen her get rid of some of our toys! She claims they had been destroyed but we say they were broken in. Yesterday she did take us on a really long hike, which at times felt like we were lost but she we were not she just wanted us to be too tired to care about explosions in the sky. Now she's back to doing other things, not puggy. Phoebe said she's pulled out glue, ribbons and material, which only can mean one thing...costumes. Does anyone know how to get their human back on the pug track or is it just a lost cause? 

Pink Flowers for Payton

Our human is super busy all the time with school and barely has time to keep up with normal pug activities: walking, treat giving, playing, cuddling, more treat giving and so on. That's why we haven't been able to post anything for almost 2 years.

Everyone has been honoring the wonderfully brave pug Payton by planting pink flowers in their garden but unless they sell flowers in her classrooms or the library we won't be getting pink flowers anytime soon. So we decided to be pink flowers for Payton until she gets some or we can figure out how to drive the car to the pink flower store.

Payton will always be an inspiration and we consider it a true blessing to know her story.