A lost cause?

  Hi, Zoey here. Phoebe refuses to look at the camera in protest that our human is just not living up to pug standards. This has been a problem for quite some time ever since she went back to school. This summer she decided to "take off" and she promised it would be the summer of pug. So far it's not feeling like the summer of pug. She's home more but all she does is clean and we have even seen her get rid of some of our toys! She claims they had been destroyed but we say they were broken in. Yesterday she did take us on a really long hike, which at times felt like we were lost but she we were not she just wanted us to be too tired to care about explosions in the sky. Now she's back to doing other things, not puggy. Phoebe said she's pulled out glue, ribbons and material, which only can mean one thing...costumes. Does anyone know how to get their human back on the pug track or is it just a lost cause? 

Pink Flowers for Payton

Our human is super busy all the time with school and barely has time to keep up with normal pug activities: walking, treat giving, playing, cuddling, more treat giving and so on. That's why we haven't been able to post anything for almost 2 years.

Everyone has been honoring the wonderfully brave pug Payton by planting pink flowers in their garden but unless they sell flowers in her classrooms or the library we won't be getting pink flowers anytime soon. So we decided to be pink flowers for Payton until she gets some or we can figure out how to drive the car to the pink flower store.

Payton will always be an inspiration and we consider it a true blessing to know her story.

Friday the 13th!

 The lake at Shadow Cliffs Pleasanton, Ca
On Friday our human said we had to get up early because we were going on a picnic by the lake. We would have been satisfied with just that, but you could imagine our delight when she told us we were meeting our Dalmatian Friends, Miley and Boka, Puglet and Brother Dutch and that we were going to meet Buford and the Pack O'Pugs in the fur! Okay we'll admit we lost it and went nuts. What lucky pugs we are. Our human agreed and she told us that many humans don't like Friday the 13th because they believe it's a bad luck day. It might be unlucky for humans but it seemed to be very lucky for pugs. Everything seemed to be going well; we did have to go back to the house once but we wouldn't call that bad luck. We finally get to the lake and were unable to find our friends; there were so many little trails and nooks to get lost in. We were hot, lost and started to think that Friday the 13th was unlucky for pugs too. Thank goodness for modern technology our human called Miley and Boka's human and with help from Puglet and Dutch's human we found our way to the picnic.  There we met Buford, Pearl Li Mae, Lacey and Bambi and they are the cutest, sweetest Pack O'Pugs. Puglet, Brother Dutch, Miley and Boka were already in the water. We went for a little swim to cool off and then we had our picnic. This was the best picnic ever. There was plenty of food and the humans didn't mind us at the table with them. Then the humans decided to take a group picture. Of course we avoided being in the photo and hid under the picnic table. After the chaos of trying to get a picture of 7 pugs and 3 Dalmatians lined up together.(silly humans), everybody was tired, except Miley and Boka. It was time to go home. We don't know if Friday the 13th is a bad luck day. We had both good and bad luck with way more good than bad.
All are welcome at the picnic table!
Group photo sans Zoey and Phoebe
Phoebe & Zoey hiding under the table


Phoebe has been caught begging. She claims she was just there to see if she could help with the dishes. However she seems to only want to help her Grandpa do the dishes. Grandpa insists that he has NEVER given Phoebe food from the dishes.  The evidence seems clear but is open to interpretation. What do you think? Are they innocent or guilty?
Hi. Zoey here. I was there too but I heard my human walking towards us and got the heck out of there.  It's hard to distract Phoebe from a chance of getting a crumb of human food,

Happy Belated Birthday Phoebe!

Have you ever have a birthday where nothing happened? Well that is exactly what happened on my birthday last week. I sat there in front of everybody and they said nothing and what's worse they did nothing! Ususally a pug birthday around here consists of: lots of attention, lots of playing, lots of new toys, lots of treats/cookies and best of all doggie ice cream and a doggie cake. There was one birthday tradition I did NOT miss -  the evil birthday hat. But none of that happened. I know my human was ill & her vet made her stay with him at the hospital for a few days. But a week went by before anybody remembered me and my important day! Finally today, my human remembered & she DID feel really bad. She promises to make up it to me with a PHOEBE DAY. But it did hurt my feelings. Has this happened to anyone else or am I the only one?

Take us to the Ballgame!

We had lots of fun at our first baseball game. We were shocked to hear that they don't ususally allow dogs to go to baseball games. It seems to us that baseball was invented for dogs. It's played outside on grass, there's big wooden sticks, balls and lots of running in circles. Really if you think about it dogs would be better at baseball than humans.  We had a good time even if they didn't let us play. Our good friends Puglet, his Dalmatian brother Dutch & another cool Dalmatian, Boka were there too. We got to walk around the field before the game. Phoebe even did a test roll on the grass. Then we got to our seats and relaxed with our human and friends. Zoey got to be on TV with a close of her and #32 Cust T shirt. In the bottom of the eighth inning Phoebe realized that we were watching a baseball game like the ones we watch on TV and started barking at all the players like she does at home.   After a great night at the ballgame with our friends we enjoyed a nap in the car on the ride home. We're thinking of starting a dog baseball league. It's really a waste that no one gets to chew on the bats.Boka and Puglet.
                                                                                                        Go A's!Silly Dutch.


Can you guess what we dressed up as for the costume contest at the Niles Dog Show?
That's right, the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.We didn't place in the contest but we received a special acknowledgement for our costumes. Our human was proud especially since she made them without a pattern; our vests, fez's & our wings (since no one sold small black or fawn colored wings). We must confess there were a couple of days we had feathers glued to our fur - we had to help...feathers are so much fun. A really cool dragon costume placed first. Our human wanted to show you a picture of the really beautiful craftsmanship went into sewing the dragon together but none of the pictures came out. Okay, okay we were a little unsure of the dragon & wouldn't get close to it. He was a big dog & an even bigger dragon.
We were really excited to meet Miley the Dalmatian & her super sweet human. It's so nice when you can meet your computer friends in the fur. We showed our friends Lani, Simon (they're brother & sister pit-mix) & their Mom (one of our most favorite humans) around. They just turned 1so it was their first time at the show.  Later Puglet, Dutch, Frank & their human with the big camera (another favorite human of ours) showed up. Could the day get any better? It can & it did. When we got home, we shared Yoghound peanut butter & banana frozen yogurt. The perfect way to end a hot day of fun with our friends.

"I'm so embarrassed. Can you believe this monkey suit!" - Phoebe

" I wonder if these wings will work. That blue jay won't know what hit it...the SQUIRREL!" -Zoey