Can you guess what we dressed up as for the costume contest at the Niles Dog Show?
That's right, the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.We didn't place in the contest but we received a special acknowledgement for our costumes. Our human was proud especially since she made them without a pattern; our vests, fez's & our wings (since no one sold small black or fawn colored wings). We must confess there were a couple of days we had feathers glued to our fur - we had to help...feathers are so much fun. A really cool dragon costume placed first. Our human wanted to show you a picture of the really beautiful craftsmanship went into sewing the dragon together but none of the pictures came out. Okay, okay we were a little unsure of the dragon & wouldn't get close to it. He was a big dog & an even bigger dragon.
We were really excited to meet Miley the Dalmatian & her super sweet human. It's so nice when you can meet your computer friends in the fur. We showed our friends Lani, Simon (they're brother & sister pit-mix) & their Mom (one of our most favorite humans) around. They just turned 1so it was their first time at the show.  Later Puglet, Dutch, Frank & their human with the big camera (another favorite human of ours) showed up. Could the day get any better? It can & it did. When we got home, we shared Yoghound peanut butter & banana frozen yogurt. The perfect way to end a hot day of fun with our friends.

"I'm so embarrassed. Can you believe this monkey suit!" - Phoebe

" I wonder if these wings will work. That blue jay won't know what hit it...the SQUIRREL!" -Zoey


  1. awww...sounds like you guys had fun. sorry i missed it!

  2. Hi Bella! We did have fun but it would have better with you & Spencer there. Maybe next time.